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As an excavator, it is extremely important for the safety of your crew that you know the location of the buried facilities before excavation takes place. Using the MISS DIG 811 services can be the difference between the safe completion of a job, and endangering your crew and the public.

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You can use our online e-Locate program to process single address locate requests your tickets. If you have more than locate request you would like to submit electronically the Remote Ticket Entry Program is an online program that can be used to input tickets and allows for a larger scope of work than the e-Locate program. A short training is required for users of the Remote Ticket Entry Program. As always, you can place a locate request by contacting our call center at 811 or 800-482-7171. Avoid costly damages, contact MISS DIG 811 before you dig!

Commitment from all stakeholders contributes to the success of our Damage Prevention Program and helps promote safe digging.

One aspect of the State’s Damage Prevention Program is local Damage Prevention Associations (DPA’s) supported by MISS DIG 811’s Education Specialists. These local groups are typically comprised of excavators, utility operators, municipalities, utility locators, engineering firms, and other industry stakeholders. DPA’s are regional groups throughout the state who meet on a regular basis. At these meetings a forum is held where stakeholders can share information and perspectives, which provides an optimal environment to work together on damage prevention issues. In promoting a spirit of shared responsibility, regional DPAs welcome all stakeholders who would like to be a part of the damage prevention solution. To view DPA meeting dates, times and locations go the Meetings and Events page.