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MISS DIGG 811 Staff and Board

Education Department

The Mission of the MISS DIG 811 Education department is to educate, create advocacy, and increase awareness of safe digging practices to prevent damage to underground facilities.

Contact the Education Department by calling 248-724-5851
email or by calling the numbers listed below:

Board of Directors

Brian Thomas, Chairman

AT&T Service, Inc. - Appointed

Shoshannah Lenski, Vice-Chair

DTE Gas Company - Appointed

Vincent Floyd, Treasurer

Utility Resource Group, LLC - Contract Locator 2023

Jim Moskal, Secretary

Corby Energy Services, Inc. - Excavator 2023

Holly Bowers, Director

Consumers Energy - Appointed

David DeLind, Director

DTE Electric Company - Appointed

Gerrad Godley, Director

Genesee County Road Commission - Design 2023

Tim Davidek, Director

GCDC - WWS-Municipality 2022

Chuck Muller, Director

Metronet - Long Distance 2024

Bruce Campbell, CEO/COO

MISS DIG System, Inc. - Assistant Treasure


Vacant - Pipeline 2021

Jeff Dobies, Director

Comcast - Cable TV 2022

Ryan Hoerner, CPA

Hoerner & Geers

David Chislea

MPSC - Non-voting